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Our Techniques

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help

At South Tulsa Chiropractic, we use instrument and manual adjusting techniques as well as light therapies to help you achieve your best health. For pediatric patients and seniors, our approaches are adjusted to take a gentler approach.

Depending on your custom treatment plan, Dr. Tim will elect to use one of the following or a combination for the best results:

Getting Started with Care

Your first visit at South Tulsa Chiropractic involves a thorough health history and evaluation with Dr. Tim. Before proceeding with any adjusting, we’ll know what’s going on with your health and discuss how we plan to help you.

Your adjustments will start gently in a way your body can easily tolerate, and build from there based on how you respond.

You’ll feel confident that you’re receiving the highest quality of natural health care available. Schedule your first appointment with us today!