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New Patient Center

At South Tulsa Chiropractic, we hope that our casual and relaxed environment will make you feel right at home. Upon entering, our friendly front desk team is ready to greet you by name and warmly welcome you to our office.

The First Day

For your convenience, all necessary paperwork can be found on our website and filled out prior to your appointment. New patient appointments are reserved each day so we can spend all the time we need with you. A typical first visit consists of:

  • A consultation
  • An examination
  • Digital X-rays

During your consultation, Dr. Tim will first talk to you about your healthcare goals and then perform a full examination. We suggest that you dress comfortably so that you don’t need to change into a gown to have digital X-rays taken. This visit takes about 30 minutes if you bring in your paperwork completed.

The Second Visit

When you arrive at South Tulsa Chiropractic for your follow up appointment, you’ll receive a full report of Dr. Tim’s findings from your examination and X-rays. During this time, Dr. Tim will fully explain what he believes will offer you the most relief in regards to ongoing and corrective care. He also encourages patients to ask as many questions as they’d like to ensure they comprehend and learn more about their treatment.

Your first chiropractic adjustment is given on this day and the visit will take 20-30 minutes.

Follow-up Care

Your next visits will only take about 10 minutes. Just like eating healthy or going to the dentist, visiting a chiropractor is something you’ll want to continue so you can stay healthy for the rest of your life. We can help you take care of your body and make sure it functions optimally. If you prefer to just get rid of the pain, we can help with that, too, though patients are often at a greater risk for repeat injuries.

Keeping You Informed

It’s important to us that you learn about how your body and nervous system work. You’ll find several sources of health information around our office, including brochures, videos and handouts. We will also print out the digital X-rays we took and send them home with you.

Feel Better with Chiropractic Care

Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help you.

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